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What is Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors Program?

Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors Program is a program to bring together all the students from all over the world who have a passion for technology, have the desire and excitement to learn more about technology and help the fellows to engage the community.

It is a program to sponsor students pursuing studies in technology-related subjects. The MSP (now MLSA) program enhances students' employability by providing training in skills not typically taught in academia or regular curriculum, including knowledge of Microsoft technologies. The program is available in most countries across the globe, and all college and university level students are eligible to apply for this program. If accepted, student partners are assumed to further share knowledge among the academic community, such as arranging courses, giving presentations, initiating projects, and conducting seminars.

Perks of being an MLSA?

• The risk of being in the talent pool all over the world (networking)

• Office 365 Free Subscription

• Visual Studio Enterprise and Azure credits of $150/month

• LinkedIn Learning 6 Months Free Membership

• Free Microsoft training on the Microsoft Learn platform

• Invitations to Microsoft regional, national, and sometimes international events, including the Microsoft Student Summit, Ignite, and more.

• Exclusive swag, badges and accessories from Microsoft.

• Enhance your skills and build your reputation as a tech insider Start your career with training and certification, support for virtual events, and unparalleled access to experts and mentors.

• Be a leader in your local tech community and empower your peers Host digital events, mentor other students, and earn the recognition that sets your resume apart from the pack.

How to apply?

Step 1: Log on to the official application portal and go to the official website of Microsoft learns student ambassador program and click on the "" button. Login with a new or already existing Microsoft account to receive the application form.

Step 2: Fill in the application form details Accept the terms and fill in the initial personal and academic details as shown above. Now comes the most important section, the written sample, which consists of at least one video response with three questions to be answered.

Once you fill in the personal information, you will be presented with the Academic Information section,
after filling it out, comes the most important part of this application: the written sample. Written Sample
Section of Application Form
Although you can refer to youtube and other blogs to see which applications have been selected, I do not recommend it in any case because when you see a sample, you subconsciously start thinking in a certain direction in which Your imagination gets hampered and hence the reactions.
Tips to answer these questions:
• Keep the word and time limit in mind to be safe.
• Most importantly, within these answers, try to focus on how you can learn and help the
communities around you grow because in essence, learning through MLSA communities
And it's about growing together.

1) Make sure your answers are honest and genuine, try to explain why you're obsessed with technology,
and what inspired you to do your best, that's very important!
2) Mention all your achievements, projects you are working on/completed, programming languages you
have learned, competitions/workshops you have organised/participated/won.
3) Take an example and explain how you would teach that topic to your peers.
4) If you are hosting an event, state how you plan to organize it from the outset, how you will promote it
to gather as many students as possible to attend the event.
Fill out the social media and additional information sections and submit when you are completely satisfied
with your answers. You can edit your application anytime within the given time limit
Right after applying, you will receive a confirmation via email and text message on the
mobile that you have verified in the initial application.
How does the further selection process work?
Each submission will be manually reviewed by the team, with candidates notifying of acceptance in the
next quarter.

If you are selected, congratulations and welcome to the team
If you don't, don't worry, you can edit the application at any time and reapply for the next group.
You will join as an Alpha MLSA and as you progress, you will unlock further milestones of Beta and Gold
according to your performance and commitment.

• Eligibility Criteria
 To apply, you must be at least 16 years old, have valid identification and be actively enrolled in an
accredited, higher education educational institution.
 Some experience in coding or technology would certainly be helpful, but don't worry if you don't
have much technical background. Students from all academic backgrounds interested in
enhancing their careers and technical skills are encouraged to apply for this program, as all
the tools and resources to help you learn more and engage in the program are provided.
 They encourage students from all academic backgrounds who wish to develop their career and
technical skills while making a difference in their communities to apply.
 Some experience in coding or technology is helpful, but we have the tools and resources to help
you learn to program.

 Benefits
They believe in preparing students for future careers and services through opportunities to learn, lead
and share. We provide resources to support your efforts. At the core of the program is the opportunity
for students to build technical skills on their own through tutorials and guided paths in Microsoft Learn.
We offer additional benefits for personal use, campus engagement and career preparation, all of which
can be unlocked by achieving key milestones.
These benefits include but aren’t limited to:

 Access to Office 365, as well as Snagit and Camtasia screen capture and recording
 Visual Studio Enterprise subscription and $150 monthly Azure credit.
 Event support.
 Exam Certification Vouchers
 LinkedIn Learning
 Free domain names
 Event Support
 Engagement with Cloud Advocates and Microsoft MVPs.
 Student Ambassador Milestone badge to highlight program achievements on your
LinkedIn profile.

Student ambassadors are given access to the latest Microsoft software, development tools, reference
materials, industry events and training opportunities. MLSA is supposed to further share knowledge
among the academic community by arranging various courses; giving presentations seminars and lectures;
and initiation of projects among students. MLSA is also used to promote incentives, for example, the
Microsoft Imagine Cup; and programs, such as Ultimate Stealing and its affiliate programs. Some student
partners (based on selection criteria) are offered internship and job opportunities in certain Microsoft
divisions through the program.
 Local MLSA activities include, for example, participating in Student Technology Day in the UK,
which includes high-profile presentations, such as one by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella; and
TechDays, for example in France and Canada. In New Zealand, MLSA developed a program called
the Microsoft Student Accelerator (MSA), which aims to not only train students throughout the
year but also engage students in various internship programs over the summer.
 New student ambassadors get access to the amazing community on Microsoft Teams and the
opportunity to connect with professionals/consultants in this community, access to Microsoft
365, access to Techsmith Snagit and Camtasia screen capture and recording software and many

other benefits. Also, there are 3 milestones you can achieve to avail the above benefits-
i)Alpha - Complete a Microsoft Learn Path and Azure Credits will be unlocked with your Visual Studio

Enterprise membership benefit ($150 per month Azure Credit). LinkedIn Learning Subscription. You'll also
receive a certification voucher, a free domain name, and more.
ii) Beta - You must host an event in your community to unlock event support and resource benefits. Once
you get into the beta, you may even receive an invitation to attend the annual Microsoft Learn Student
Ambassador Summit, you'll also receive swag and amazing accessories from Microsoft. (It also includes
the benefits of Alpha)
iii) Gold – Once you have gone above and beyond in earning your badges and serving your local
community, and have been an active participant in the program, you will be invited to the Gold Milestone!
You'll also be able to gain access to special events, and you may even be invited to become the Microsoft
Most Valuable Professional (MVP), plus a Gold MLSA Swag Kit with super amazing goodies! (including the
benefits of alpha and beta)

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